Food and Drink

Food and drink form an important part of a child’s day. There is a clear link between physical well-being and the readiness to learn and achieve and we recognise the importance of all children having easy access to drinking water. Each morning, milk is provided free of charge to children until their 5th birthday after which parents can choose to pay a small charge so that their children can continue to receive milk. Dragonflies Class bring their own bottle with water which can be refilled at school. In all other classes, children are provided with a water bottle.


We are also members of the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme where a free piece of fruit is available daily to all children aged 4 to 6. National research shows that over a quarter of children and their families ate more fruit at home after their school joined the scheme.


Our hot lunch provider, Chartwells, operates a three week menu rota.  The meals are healthy and balanced and have proved popular, with vegetarian alternatives available. Alongside those children having hot meals, others will be eating packed lunches and there is always a healthy mixture of packed and hot meals on each lunch table.  


All children up to Year 2 are eligible for free universal school meals and older children also benefit from Free School Meals if their families are in receipt of certain benefits. Please speak to the Office for more information.